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The Dutch Mortgage Market

The E-learning Dutch Mortgage Market is a fast track introduction to Dutch mortgage products, processes and markets. All relevant aspects of the Dutch mortgage market are explained in 10 comprehensive online videos. In the videos you also learn typical Dutch terms, so understanding of Dutch materials becomes more easy.

The subject of the videos you can find below.

Who should subscribe to this E-learning?
Non-Dutch spoken staff of Dutch lenders, or foreign lenders with Dutch portfolios.
Staff in ICT, risk, legal, finance, portfolio management and marketing from Belgium, Germany, UK, Romania, Latvia and Vietnam have experienced the value of this E-Learning.

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In-house and specials
If you have special training needs for your staff, please contact us for more information about group fees and tailor made programs.

  • Introduction
  • Video 1: Introduction to Dutch mortgages and laws
  • Video 2: Mortgage and housing market
  • Video 3: Who is who in the zoo; parties in the market
  • Video 4: Introduction to Dutch mortgage products
  • Video 5: Customer types and customer journeys
  • Video 6: Underwriting and origination
  • Video 7: Back office administration
  • Video 8: Mortgage proces outsourcing
  • Video 9: Risk management for Dutch mortgages
  • Video 10: Introduction to funding in the Dutch Market
  • Quiz Dutch Mortgage Market
  • Alle onderdelen moeten voltooid zijn
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